Historical, beautiful, wild and idiosyncratic, the Peloponnese has much to say to the soul of an excursionist. Ancient monuments, natural beauties and wonderful coastlines charmingly tie together the chains of mountain ranges and the harshness of landscapes.

The Peloponnese is made-up of seven districts (Argolida, Achaia, Korinthos, Messinia, Arcadia, Lakonia, and Ilia), each one known for the specific role it played in history.

The region dates back to a settlement which dominated in the Paleolithic era (10,000 B.C. and on). The word Peloponnese is derived from the mythical Pelopa, founder of the Olympic Games, son of Tantalo. The region’s great rise in antiquity dates back to the Mycenean era, which took place between 1600-1100 B.C. and made Mycenea one of the most important communities and financial centers of time. The Mycenean civilization stood out among all others, thus affecting the greater Mediterranean region.