Intense is the island color of this by the sea, amphitheatric, housing at Paralio Astros. This Arcadian settlement consists of picturesque walkways and traditional roof-tile homes.

Historically about 400 years ago Paralio Astros was an island, shaped as a star, hence the name Stella or Estella, Άstros (from the word «asteri» in Greek) centrally situated on the Argolic Gulf. Crowning this island, a medieval castle dated 1256a.c. which was built by the Frank William Villeardouin II, who named it Castello della Estella which translates: castle of the star shaped island. Hence, it transformed the much older name of the settlement from Astron by Claudios Ptolemai during the 2nd century A.D. or Astrum during the Roman era to Estella.

‘Peloponnese Living’ is situated at Paralio Astros in the Peloponnese, one of the most beautiful prefectures of Greece. The heart of antiquity and myths, the Peloponnese satisfies even the most demanding tastes as it offers natural beauty (caves, waterfalls, natural mineral springs etc.), ancient historical monuments and monasteries. This region caters to all types of tourism, even alternative tourism. Having some of the best weather in Greece, the Peloponnese is the ideal destination 9 months out of the year.

In addition, our centre is situated in the heart of the beautiful seaside villageof Paralio Astros with only a 150 meter distance from the marina where one can find countless restaurants, cafes and small shops. Also, it’s ideal location allows for peaceful strolls and swimming along the 14 km. long sandy beaches with only a 250 metre distance from our resort. Finally, situated only 8 km. away, the cold springs of Moustos, a revitalizing experience, ideal for persons suffering from arthritis,  

At a greater distance, one will find the capital of Arcadia, historic Tripoli (45 km. distance), Ancient Mantinea and Tegea, historic Argos alongside with Ancient Mycene and Nafplio (30 km. distance) with its renowned markets which range from small boutiques to great department stores. Only a few kilometers away from Nafplio, one may find Ancient Epidauros. In a smaller distance one may find the picturesque sandy beaches of Tiro and Leonidio.

Airports Kalamata airport is 1 ½ hours away, and the Athens (El. Venizelos International Airport) is ~ 170 km. away from Paralio Astros.